Description: Enhance arbitrary links on your page with some multi level powers with jQuery Multi Level Popup Menu! It lets you associate a multi level drop down menu to any link on the page, so moving the mouse over the link activates the menu to be shown beside it. Each pop up menu is simply defined as a regular nested UL on the page, making it very intuitive to set up, not to mention the menus search engine friendly! Lets run down the script’s features:

  • Lets you extend any link on the page with a multi level pop up menu, by inserting the custom attribute data-popupmenu inside the link.
  • Each pop up menu is simply defined as a regular, hidden nested UL on the page.
  • Sub Menus repositions themselves when too close to the right or bottom edges of the browser window so they remain in view.
  • Ability to customize the expand animation speed.
  • Ability to specify the delay before each menu and its sub menus appear/ disappear when the mouse rolls over and out of them.

When it comes to menus, popping up is a good thing!

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