Update 1: Retest data (using different machine and Erlang kernel polling) added near bottom of post.

Update 2: More details and testing on the weird MochiWeb kernel polling results, bottom of post.

Almost a year ago I did some Apache and Nginx performance testing. Apparently I have the bug again and have done some performance testing on NginxYaws and MochiWeb. The latter two being Erlang based. Again deathmatch may be an overstatement but this is my attempt at gleaning some interesting performance data from some high performance web servers. Also, I attempted to improve the graphs this time around since they were a bit hard to read the last time.

The Setup:

I was not able to use the same server and setup as the last time, so comparing between this and my last deathmatch probably isn’t very accurate. For this test I used a Intel Dual Core 2.2GHz, 4GB RAM machine running Ubuntu 8.10 (64bit) and for the test server. Erlang (R12B-3), Yaws (1.77) and Nginx (0.6.32) are installed from the standard repository and mochiweb from subversion (rev 88). All are using the default configurations outside of adjusting listening port numbers. The test is again against a basic robots.txt file. The tests were done using a consumer grade 100mb switch and all tests originated from an old laptop I had laying around. I think that about covers the test bed, if you have any questions let me know.

For the tests I used autobench (httperf under the hood) with the following command, each test ran ten minutes apart. The order of the tests were done in was MochiWeb then Yaws and lastly Nginx.

autobench –single_host –host1 HOST –port1 PORT –uri1 /robots.txt –low_rate 10 –high_rate 200 –rate_step 10 –num_call 10 –num_conn 5000 –timeout 5 –file SERVER-results-`date +%F-%H:%M:%S`.ts

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